Beatrice Chauvin | Susquehanna River, the Passage | Susquehanna River, the Resonance of the Past | Susquehanna River, Seeking Freedom | $185 each framed, $100 each unframed

This is a series of 3 images.

For twenty-five years I traveled the world shooting pictures for such French publications as Marie-Claire Maison, Résidences Décoration, Les Echos, as well as for Arte, the Franco-German Cultural Channel. Ten years ago I embarked on a personal photographic project rooted in my early childhood in Maryland. As if traveling by raft on one of America’s great rivers, this project carried me from Maryland to the Blues, from Memphis to Mississippi, then back to Maryland and my vital Susquehanna River, offering me endless joy and extraordinary inspiration.

Susquehanna Riveris the introduction to my current work Seeking Freedom


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