Corina Gertz | Widows IT102019 | $500

Identity plays a central role in the portrait series Traditional Costume by the Düsseldorf-based artist Corina Gertz, whereby we are dealing here less with individuals than with an affiliation to a particular geographic region. The persons depicted are thus merely surrogates. What is more, the people portrayed are anonymised even further by the fact that their backs are turned to the viewer, which directs attention towards their traditional costumes as an identity conveying element. As a photographer and fashion designer, Corina Gertz is fully aware of the significance of clothing and fashion as a means of nonverbal communication. Her series develop while travelling widely and reflect her passion for the colorful diversities and cultural particularities of our contemporary world. Her photographs have been exhibited in international museums, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Museo delle Culture del Mondo in Genoa, and the Bendigo Art Gallery in Victoria, Australia.


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