Dale Niles | The Bear Went Over the Mountain | $700

Archival Pigment Print

I am a self taught photographer. I have taken photos for over 40 years, from film to digital, from wet darkroom to the digital darkroom of the computer. Photography is one way that I am able to experience the moment, suspend time and reconnect with myself. I am quite eclectic in the subjects I choose to shoot, anything is fair game. My wish is that my imagery creates an intimate conversation that takes the viewer to a place of quiet contemplation because it is my visual representation of conversation and feelings. My photography creates a legacy of all the sacred and beautiful things that I am privileged to experience in my time here. The fragility of life is a catalyst for me to do what I can to preserve it one frame at a time and in doing so I hope that it says that I too existed.  I was born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised in small North Carolina towns, I currently live in Fayette County, Georgia.



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