Diane Fenster | Dynamics of the Heart | $500, unframed $400

Diane Fenster’s art first received notice during the era of early experimentations with digital imaging. Her work has been called an important voice in the development of a true digital aesthetic. She views herself as an alchemist, using digital tools to delve into fundamental human issues. Her work is literary and emotional, full of symbolism and multiple layers of meaning. Her images have appeared in numerous publications on digital art. She has been guest lecturer at many seminars and conferences, her work has been internationally exhibited and is part of museum, corporate and private collections. Her images appear in numerous publications on digital art including the APERTURE monograph METAMORPHOSES: PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE ELECTRONIC AGE, WOMEN, ART AND TECHNOLOGY published by MIT press, and ART IN THE DIGITAL AGE edited by Bruce Wands, School of Visual Art, NYC.

She is now exploring starker imagery that has its roots in alternative process, image transfer, toy camera and photo-encaustic. Moscow Photo Awards, Honorable Mention for the What We Leave Behind series. Silver Award, Tokyo International Foto Awards for HY•ST•ER•IA: Body as Battleground. 12TH Julia Margaret Cameron Awards-Honorable Mentions in the series categories for Fine Art and Digital Manipulation for images from the series HY•ST•ER•IA: Body as Battleground. 2018 Pollux Awards, Finalist in the Fine Art and Digital Manipulation categories for series HY•ST•ER•IA: Body as Battleground. Her work was exhibited in the 4th Biennale of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Berlin, she received Honorable Mentions in the 9th Pollux Awards, 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and the Moscow Photo Awards, included in the Alternative Process exhibit juried by Christopher James at  the Texas Photo Society and published in the DIFFUSION ANNUAL 2016. Diane Fenster and the Wandering Womb (Hysteria series) was recently published in Harvard’s OD REVIEW. Also published in WOTISART Magazine, HEALTH AND HEALING, Femme Fotale Volume VI, and UNDEREXPOSED MAGAZINE. Hysteria images were selected for the National Photography Competition-Developed Work at the Midwest Center for Photography. Her work will appear in the upcoming DIFFUSION X journal.She continues to be included in many exhibits in museums and galleries both in the USA and abroad.

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