Jim Johns | Windy Beach | $400, unframed $300

Photography has always been a life-long interest.  My father and several of his close friends were avid photography hobbyists – each setting up his own darkroom.  I would marvel as I watched images slowly develop under a red glow. I remember walking the streets with Dad in our riverfront town, on the prowl for the next irresistible snapshot.  Then I saw an Ansel Adams photograph…  My first exposure to photography as an artform, and it captivated my young mind.


Fast forward several decades, retirement is nearing and I receive an SLR camera as a gift.  This re-invigorated my interest in photography. I felt a bit overwhelmed, however, with the vast changes to both equipment and skill requirements. Much to my delight, I quickly found that my vision of the world was, in actuality, the art I see.  With just the click of shutter – and later movement of a mouse across a photoshopped image, I could be Ansel Adams – and perhaps Picasso – all-in-one.

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