Karey Walker | White Buffalo with Kudzu | $250, $25 unframed

My photography is inspired by unique locations, animals, people, and a variety of situations that are often overlooked. Beauty usually goes unnoticed and unappreciated, yet it reflects aspects of our humanity that is memorable to capture with a camera.  I strive to capture moments of beauty and magic. Whether photographing people or landscapes, the same approach applies. I am placing myself at the moment, being patient, and having faith that something magical will unfold.

A sense of reverence has fueled my photography for the natural world and its remarkable beauty. I resonate toward images that depict a peaceful coexistence between humans and nature. These quiet moments with my camera brings me back to my childhood: exploring, be curious, dreaming, seeing, and breathing in the beauty that surrounds me.

In the evolution of my photography, I am humbled by trying new techniques in analog and digital photography. I’ve learned that creativity requires a perennial sense of playfulness, finding that childlike fascination for the magic contained within each opportunity in life.
~Karey Walter



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