Paul B. Goode | Erin | $1000


The photograph is an archival digital print, 11.8” x 17” on 16×20 paper. The photograph is printed by the photographer.


Paul B. Goode is a portrait and fine art photographer living in New York City. His portraits have been published by numerous and varied companies and publications including the American Ballet Theatre, Orchestra of St. Lukes, PLAYBOY, Wesleyan University, NYU Medical Center and The New York Times. Paul’s portraits have been exhibited at Foley Gallery, LightBox Gallery, the Southeast Center for Photography, along with other exhibition spaces.

The print, Erin, is part of Paul’s Intimate Portrait Project, a photographic study of how touch and trust effect the emotions of a subject during an hours long portrait session. The portraits are a result of a joint meditation between the photographer and model.

In the evolution of my photography, I am humbled by trying new techniques in analog and digital photography. I’ve learned that creativity requires a perennial sense of playfulness, finding that childlike fascination for the magic contained within each opportunity in life.


Karey Walter

White buffalo with kudzu


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