Sandra Chen Weinstein | Good Friends | $800, unframed $700

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Sandra Chen Weinstein has lived in Washington DC, Japan, and China while working with American Agency.  She studied ceramic art and exhibited this work in Japan and the US.  She has worked in business while returning to California in the late 90s-2006. In 2006 she started using photography as her medium of art.

Sandra’s work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing social identity, culture, and minorities. Earlier projects include the rich cultural diversity of India.  She has dedicated long-term projects on the lives of women, refugee, minority and the American pop culture.

She has received many national and international awards including 1st prize Kuala Lumpur Photoawards-PortraitsPrize, 1st prize-winner of Portraits 2017;  1st Prize The Robert Cornelius Portrait Award, and winners of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award;  National Geographic Magazine. Featuring on European Photography 101 & 100 MagazineFotoMagzin Germany, Winner in American Photography 33rd & 30th Annual Book Collection and the Archive, New York. Her work is exhibited widely in the U.S. and internationally.

One thought on “Sandra Chen Weinstein | Good Friends | $800, unframed $700

  1. This is a brilliant portrait. It is a great representation of adolescent girls of a certain class. Terrific color and expressions.

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