Blade with Orbs | Lynne Buchanan | $200 framed, $75 unframed

Lynne Buchanan is a fine art photographer of the natural world who recently published a book entitled Florida’s Changing Waters: A Beautiful World in Peril.  The book shows both the beautiful areas at risk of being lost as well as the human impact on our aquatic systems.  Lynne first came to photography as a means to express the spiritual lessons she always learns from being in nature.  Her healing images have been purchased by hospitals and her climate change and environmental works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions across the country, as well as internationally.  Lynne earned a Master’s Degree in Art History and Museum studies and honed her passion for art by working in galleries in New York City and Washington, D.C., and later studied with many world renowned photographers.  Lynne recently moved from Florida to North Carolina and has been photographing biodiversity of the blue ridge as well as aquatic ecosystems through macro and micro photography.  She has also been studying crystals from the drugs that are keeping us alive as the world changes.  Imaginary Butterfly Wing is actually an image of Tyleonol crystals as seen under the microscope.



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