Mile Marker 457 | Geraldine Pontius | $175

Capturing the world before her though a camera lens since childhood, Geraldine Pontius prefers street photography to any other genre. Here, in the Paris garden, she saw, across two brows at the same instant, in perfect harmony, the portrait of a thought. Her work can be found at

She now lives in Baltimore, MD and shoots film street photography as often as she can.


I shot this view looking south from about Canal Street at Mile Marker 457 on the elevated west side highway, in about 1975. What caught my eye was the sand blowing on what would become the site of Battery Park City, in the distance there’s the Statue of Liberty, and the lower right corner one lone figure in the foreground at the water’s edge. At the same time, the image is both serene and surreal. The clouds reflected in the Twin Towers with the single point perspective made this image into a more emotional work than an average cityscape would be for me. The framed image is about 8” x 10”

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