Nathalie de la Borde at 15, 1789, after Paiou | Carson Barnes | $200 framed, $175 unframed

I’ve been making photographs, prints, and combining techniques for more than four decades, and painting since childhood.  Under Fritz Janschka at Bryn Mawr and Haverford and with Chris Johnson at California College of the Arts, I hold a BA in fine arts and an MFA.  My work is in private collections in many of the United States, as well as private collections in several European countries, and one museum permanent collection.


Long ago, I worked with a few creative models, making photosilkscreen prints with their images and exhibited in about 35 shows in the 1980s and 1990s.  Since 2014, I’ve been photographing and “bringing to life” female portrait statues, these women mostly now unknown, and have shown this work in about 25 exhibitions.


Childbirth was often fatal, disease rampant, war, literally, on the horizon; women maintained society and civilization, expecting no legacy. They were mostly brave, courageous, and valiant. Immortalized in stone but forgotten, it’s my work to find out who they, and their sculptors, were. I am their medium and they are my calling. Their stories matter. This is the time to honor these women who laughed, raged, were inspired, and loved. I invite you to celebrate, remember, and honor them.  I hope you can’t forget them.


I moved to rural Georgia from California in 2012.  I doubt I’d have begun this contemplative work if I had remained in busy California; I see no end to it.



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