Motherhood | Karen Osdieck | $395, unframed $95

Karen Osdieck is an accountant by trade and a visual artist by passion from a small suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois.  At a young age, Karen was introduced to the medium of photography by her father and she learned very early the importance of documenting family.  Karen aimed to transfigure the everyday into something noteworthy.


As an artist, Karen uses photography to come to terms with the chaotic-ness of motherhood and simultaneously to normalize the unglamorous side of suburban childhood.  Inherited from her dad, Karen takes the approach that all facets of life are equally worthy of documenting and not just “the perfect ones” and  aims to transfigure the everyday into something noteworthy.


Her focus is the narrative of her children growing up in the thick of suburbia navigating the complexities of early adolescence.  Karen’s work is influenced by the proverbial saying, “truth is stranger than fiction,” which leads her to document unapologetically.  Karen believes in encouraging her boys to play, explore, be kind and true to themselves.


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