Caddo Lake | David Reinfeld | $1200, unframed $900

David Reinfeld picked up a camera as a teenager; it was the ’60-s in New York City. He was a street photographer, taking pictures and protesting. In the early ’70-s, as a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design, David had the great privilege of studying with his heroes from the history of photography. Their classes were his introduction to the world of art, and their teachings remain a fundamental part of the way he sees. Under their influence, he became an abstract artist. He photographed graffiti and decayed walls anywhere he could find them, including ten years in the Utah canyons. His world changed in 2011, discovering composite photography; making a photograph was no longer tied to snapping the shutter button.  Today David is more of a hybrid artist, making images wherever he goes, and following whatever feels important.”


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