Selma: 50 years later | David Robert Farmerie | late 1 Archival Pigment Photograph Unframed Image Size: 12.75 x 19 inches Edition Limited To 15 $900.00 | Framed Print: Image size: 10.5 x 15 inches Edition: Exhibition Print 1/1 Price: $900.00

A career that began in 1978, in the genres of Fashion, and Music, has evolved greatly. After three years in these two genres, I left to join the coveted worlds of Photojournalism, and Documentary, which remains my primary focus today. Along this journey I also ventured into other genres, from time to time, to hone my overall skills as a shooter. Among these genres were Advertising, Corporate, and Product Photography. I also spent six years with a premier ballet company as my client, as well as the Broadway Series, and BBC Television. My work with BBC led me to assignment work with American Motion Picture Companies, as well, having garnered seven films to my credit. As a photojournalist I have covered three U.S. Presidents, as well as numerous world events, that changed history. My Documentary career began in the 1990’s with my inaugural project: A Mountain Dignity, which was the story of the Appalachian Culture of southeast Kentucky. My assignment work has taken around the globe, but my areas of specialty are with the Maya culture of the Yucatan Peninsula – having worked on seven photographic documentaries thought the peninsula, over a span of nine years. Over the past five years the culture of the Native Americans has been added to my area of specialization, having covered Standing Rock, for three months, while living within the camp. It was my previous work, with the Lakota people, that allowed me such access at Standing Rock. I have also worked with the Wichita, and the Cherokee, in Oklahoma; and I am currently working several stories, with the Navajo, in northern Arizona. My current work also includes forays into the genre of FineArt, working from time to time with conceptual pieces – as a means of bringing balance, and creative expertise to my other work. I have awarded the most influential southern photographic artist, by the Huntsville Museum’s Red Clay Survey; and I have been afforded two museum commissions for one-person exhibitions and, to date, I have been afforded 13 one-person gallery exhibitions of my work. Over the decades I have been a prolific lecturer, and teacher – on photography, as well as on cultures.

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