My interest in photography began many years ago while trying to take professional images of my pottery for submission to galleries and shows.  I have been a potter for over 45 years with pieces in major collections and galleries across the US, including a piece in the permanent collection of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC.  As an artist and former Physicist I have always been an admirer of great photography, but it wasn’t until COVID lockdown that I began photographing in earnest. By necessity but also by interest, I have limited my photos to things close to my home in rural Western North Carolina,  trying to make extraordinary images from ordinary subjects.  I am especially drawn to black and white photography, for its historical connections and the emphasis on darkness and light as metaphor.



Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera with Nikkor 24-120 focal length lens, Epson P600 printer, Epson Cold Press Natural Archival paper