I don’t consider myself a “photographer” but an image-maker, as I create work that bridges the world of photography, prints and collage. As digital cameras began producing excellent resolution, I found my perfect medium. It was a true confluence of technical advancements and creative desire that culminated in my current explorations in photo-inspired art using both a camera to capture imagery and a computer to alter, combine and manipulate the pieces. My work is best described as “photomontages”.

Photography is a medium for recording reality, but I subvert its traditional intent.

Historically photography has, at times, been used to skew reality but in a way that was undetectable to the viewer. What interests me is the way I can play around with memory and time by combining photos from the past and present into one unified piece.

In general, I am drawn to the natural world; scenic features (oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains), but feel compelled to alter this world in my work, perhaps as a statement on mankind’s seeming dominion over nature. I don’t specifically or directly address these issues but let my images/photographs create a vision that gives the viewer space to create their own meaning.

My work is shown and published internationally.