Danielle L Goldstein is a Westport and NYC based photographer.  Her work has been shown in photography publications and extensively in galleries in CT, NYC and Europe. It is also part of the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York. Her artist statement:


I feel most like myself when behind the camera, and as I observe the world through my lens I am able to see things differently. Often what I see is influenced by the arts, especially music. I see beauty in abstract lines and geometric forms. I appreciate the linear definition of space, intersections of lines and shapes, textures creating curves and direction, patterns on buildings, and edges and borders. I often include people in my frame to add life and a sense of place to my images.  I try to capture interesting places and moments in time and make them beautiful, but also try to infuse them with the sense of vulnerability and fallibility that I believe is inherent in humanity and nature, as well as man-made forms.