Lifelong New Orleans resident – A consummate student of love, art, beauty, nudes.

A woman’s essence seen as rapture, depth, grace, femininity, and Infinitude.

My relationship with photography began when I started participating in a woman’s circle centered on the practice of Watchfulness and Transparency.  I began exploring that which resided in my interior and a call to submission, spirituality and sensuality made their presence known; marking my heart and eyes —- and the world was forever altered and transformed.

“Wondrous Unseen Extremes”

This image captures the softness of light, the abyss of the wind, the shadows, the heartbeats, the art of conceptualizing that which is, in-conceptual.  This work represents those feelings encased in timelessness and temporal and ephemeral longings.  Part of a series to honour quietude and beauty – a respite from and to the human connection.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, – that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”    JOHN KEATS

Cameras:  Nikon D70, FujiFilm X-T100, Holga 120N

Leslie Tabony

604 Esplanade Avenue

New Orleans, LA  70116

(504) 914-7526 – Instagram