©Kyle Worthy


My name is Kyle Worthy, and I’m a photographer based in Charlotte, NC. My work has been shown in exhibitions and galleries like SlowExposures (Zebulon, GA), Art Fields (Lake City, SC), and Ross Gallery (Charlotte, NC).


I’m interested in how photography and memory relate to each other. Traveling the South, I’m often reminded of my hometown in Northeast Alabama. Sometimes, the similarities are obvious: The remains of a mill town. Communities formed around common faith. The quiet air of reflection that seems to surround those who have stayed and borne witness to change. Other times, there’s not much to point to apart from a feeling of recognition, the sense of a shared spirit.


The piece included in this show is a part of a larger body of work entitled Memory Vistas. A collaboration with my sister, the project is a conversation between image and text, real and imagined family histories, and the places that have invited us to see the past, and the ones we love, afresh. This particular image was taken after cleaning out my great-grandmother’s house in 2014. It was my last look at a living room once filled with laughter and light.


To learn more about my work, please visit kyleworthy.com.


Materials Used:


Camera: Fuji x-e1

Image taken in 2014 and constructed in 2022

Paper (print): Hannaumule Luster

Paper (wallpaper sample): Moab Lasal