Sun Burn ©Ana Topoleanu

I’m a photographer from Romania. After I studied Sociology in Bucharest and worked for a while in advertising, I went on what was suppose to be my first vacation, to Chile and never went back. I’ve lived in France, Greece, Spain and currently I am established in Mexico where I have started my own family. Since becoming a mama I felt the urge to go deeper into the creation, now it’s not enough to make beautiful images if they don’t have a meaning, if they don’t make you feel, explore, wonder.

During the years, I’ve shot nature / landscape, fashion, portraits, weddings & fine art photography. I’ve worked for many publications that I admire such as DOR, Vice, Travesias and I am selling my fine art photos on many platforms such as Juniqe.

I am currently studying the Labasad Master in Documentary Photography. I’ve started to create intimate documentary series on subjects that involve my own experience like womanhood, motherhood, childhood, feminism & expat struggles. I especially love analog photography.

Parallel to my personal projects I am working on assignment for various publications such as NYT and also shoot architectural photography.