Duality ©Lawrence Manning

I was a very successful commercial photographer (in my name as well as Hill Street Studios) for 40 years. I became disenchanted with commercial work about five years ago and decided to attempt to enter the  art world. Three years ago i began to take  online lectures, classes, etc., and along with Youtube videos have taught myself digital skills, studied the history of art, and began to focus on process over product.  I began  to experiment and alter my “straight out of the camera”  work, and break the rules and standards i has so long embraced as a commercial shooter. During the pandemic lockdown,  I focused on using a local murder of crows as symbolic and controversial  subject matter in order  to comment upon the world and myself,  in an  environmental, political, social, and cultural context. My crows are not Audubon nature photos, but existential and mystical representations of crows as divine spirits. My  journey and exploration  with my crows can more easily be viewed on my Instagram page. (@lawrence_manning_fine_art)  or facebook (lawrence.manning.77)