We Share the Same Breath #9 ©Susan Isaacson

Susan Isaacson is a photographic artist exploring themes of time, memory, and the emotionally charged landscape of life transitions. She is drawn to the natural landscape as a means to connect to and represent her inner world. Her work is influenced by studies of mindfulness and Judaism, with its emphasis on the sanctification of time. Noticing ephemeral moments is her path to holding what endures over time.  We Share the Same Breath is a series which explores the maternal connection through generations of family with portraiture, familial artifacts and clothing.


Following a career of nearly 20 years in product development and strategic marketing at a Fortune 100 company, Susan currently has a dedicated photography practice based in Chicago, Illinois and Laguna Beach, California. Her work has been exhibited at PhotoPlace Gallery (VT), SE Center for Photography (SC), the Chicago Botanic Gardens (IL), Koehnline Museum (IL), and Perspective Gallery (IL) where she is currently a gallery member. Her work is held in private collections in the United States.