Bachelor’s Degree in ICTs and Advertising from the UPV-EHU, University of the Basque Country. My life has always been linked to photography in one way or another.

Thanks to my work for several advertising agencies, I have had the opportunity of collaborating with great fashion and advertising photographers in Spain such as Alejandro Cabrera, Michael Wray, Michael Shelley, Paco Navarro, Toni Riera, etc. from whom I have learnt a great deal and kept feeding my passion.

But my interest in photography dates back further into the past. Going back to my childhood, I still recall how I used to play to capture snapshots by simply fixing images on my mind by quickly closing my eyes to retain a moment in memory, taking advantage of the effect of retinal persistence.

For me, photography is, above all, a way of escaping from a meretricious creativity, and a way of communicating what I truly feel. A way of leaving aside the advertising objectives and urgent demands to go out and look at the world differently, to discover beauty, those things that really move me and shake me up.

Something allowing me to develop a very personal vision.