Jaimie has a long use photography of traditional film and silver gelatin, Cyanotype, Van Dyke, Photograms, photo manipulations, infrared,  and other alternative processes.  As a fine art major, she began exploring hand tinting, coloring, and painting of photographs with oils, pencils, and water based media.  She used 35 mm, 2 1/4 x 21/4, and toy cameras.
Currently working in digital using altered and manipulated composites, she prints and then manipulates further with hand coloring, painting, and encaustics.  She uses a variety of media including pencils, pastels, inks, paints, and more. But, some pieces are color or black and white.
Her work is archival; made with materials for longevity.  She has been in many galleries, press, and venues.  Pieces are in private, public, and corporate collections.  All pieces are in limited editions of 10 or 15 in one or more sizes.
 She earned a BFA from University of Montana with a certificate to teach.  She has been an art educator in Houston working for The Cypress Fairbanks ISD for 30 years.  She is passionate about art making, teaching, family, traveling, and yoga.
Her work mainly explores place in the natural world with some human influences.  She also explores still life. The works bring memories, dreams, reflections, and play.  Images are usually calming and peaceful.  Whether representational or abstract, she seeks the light modeling on forms and color. She seeks the spiritual and the mysteries of life.
My photo equipment that I used for this was Nikon D800E.   The lens was a 70-200mm Nikon.