Michael Stimola was born in New York City, lived in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters, and now lives year-round in West Tisbury, MA. He is largely self-taught and has been making photographs for nearly two decades as he set out to define his photographic vision through experimentation and the close study of the work of other artists, especially Pictorialist photographers and Tonalist painters. He also finds inspiration in writers of every genre. His work explores the interplay of memories, associations and expectations in everyday visual perception.


Michael is represented by the Field Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where pursues an intense photographic exploration of his home. His pigment prints engage viewers in a dialog with the rich visual experiences that can be found on the island. He also continues to make small prints on vellum that he gilds with various types of gold and silver leaf.


His new work for 2022 employs the 19th Century Cyanotype process, a wet darkroom process that produces Prussian Blue images when used to make sun prints and photographic contact prints when using negatives. Michael’s use of the process employs only the classic chemistry. His new series, “Water Marks”, employs no camera or lens, relying only on the interaction between island sea and pond water with chemically sensitized paper to create abstract impressions and a record of this elemental process.


When not at home on the island, he pursues his photographic interests wherever he travels. Of special interest is the old city of Bologna, Italy, where he focuses his attention on its lively streets, and rich and varied architecture. He received a Merit Award for a portfolio of his photographs of the city’s Basilica Santo Stefano, featured in issue 154, August 2022.


His photographs have been selected for exhibition in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont. He is a winner of Color Magazine’s 2009 Portfolio Competition and is profiled in Issue # 8, Spring 2010. Additionally, he is a Black & White Magazine Excellence Award winner and is featured in Issue # 76, August 2010 Special Portfolio Contest Award Issue. He was the subject of an Artist Profile in the Summer 2012 issue of Vineyard Style Magazine. This is the second time he has exhibited his black and white photography at the SouthXSouthEast Gallery.


Michael’s photographs may be seen at his website: www.michaelstimolaphotography.com

Michael R. Stimola

11 Briarwood Lane

PO Box 1066

West Tisbury, MA 02575