I bring to photography a unique personal history. As a trained classical violinist and Bluegrass Fiddle Master, my career as a touring musician, recording artist and educator spanned non-stop from 1960 to 2013. Starting as a young teenager I have been obsessed with photography my whole life, from bathroom/darkroom 21/4 x 21/4 black and white and color film to today’s digital revolution. My four primary musical goals have always been expressioninnovationtechnique and composition. In applying exactly these same four intentions to my photography I find that musical and photographic composition are quite the same, both depend entirely on the artistic placement of available or sometimes imaginary elements. The creation of both music and photography starts before using the instrument, both start with seeing.

In my images I seek a sense of surprise, something new on the palette.  I intend to create a more extreme idea of contrast, slightly surreal, darker shadows, bright highlights.  I’m happy to stay near the border of representational and interpretive, stepping over the line a little and then coming back.

My work has been featured in many dozens of exhibitions throughout the U.S. and has garnered many awards including the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Award, Exhibition and Traveling Tour.