Aimee B. McCrory’s photography centers on

self-portraits, feminist themes, aging, and complex

family dynamics. Her current project, “ROLLER

COASTER / Scenes from a Marriage” forms the

the basis for her forthcoming monograph, in collaboration

with the notable photo book publisher, Kehrer Verlag,

in Heidelberg, Germany.

Recent achievements include her recognition as a

A top 50 in Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2023 competition,

an Honorable Mention in the Julia Margaret

Cameron Awards in July, and a similar mention in

the 19th Annual Pollux Awards held in Barcelona in

March. In May 2023, her work was featured at the

Kolga Tbilisi Fotofest in Georgia, and she participated

in The Houston Center of Photography’s

40th Annual Show in June 2023. In 2022, she

received a Special Merit award from the Texas

Photographic Society and secured second place

in TPS’s New Visions 2022 competition. She has appeared in

publications, including Huck Magazine in May

2023, Pictura Gallery’s blog in August 2023.


Statement:  ROLLERCOASTER/ Scenes from a Marriage is a cinematic exploration of the

complexities and challenges that arise in long-term relationships.

It began during the height of the pandemic when I was overwhelmed with an irrational fear

of losing my husband, Don, to the virus.

Photography was a way to express my emotions and cope with the uncertainty of the times. At first, Don was hesitant to participate, but gradually I enticed him.

Paying close attention to our environment, day-to-day activities, and how we interacted, dry, sarcastic, humorous moments emerged.

Through storyboards, staging, lighting, and wardrobe, I began to plan each photograph, drawing on my background in theater.

The process of creating these pictures was emotionally and physically complex. We laughed, cried, fought, and loved through the experience.

Overall, our project has been an extraordinary ride that has allowed us to grow as individuals and as a couple.

What started as a single experiment soon evolved into a much larger project that aimed to capture the ordinary and extraordinary moments of our 43-year marriage

I am currently working on my first book with Kehrer Verlag in Heidelberg, Germany.