Artist Statement

In my ongoing series, A Garden Inside, I situate my husband and two teenage sons within imaginary frames of possibility. Themes of fragility, transformation, and impermanence in the natural world come to mirror their own stages in life as they negotiate adolescence and middle age. Moments of vulnerability and intimacy with nature bring opportunities to reimagine their own stories in a shifting cultural landscape. Drawn from cultural mythologies of the past, these pictorial encounters complicate notions of gender and identity, individualism and interconnectedness.



Allison Plass is a Fine Art photographer living in NYC. She received her MA in Art History at UC Santa Barbara where she explored issues of gender and representation in European Art. She completed the Advanced Track Program at the International Center of Photography in New York in 2020.  Her photographic practice is influenced by art history, the natural world, and the intersection of cultural myths and stories we carry about our own lives. She has received numerous awards and has been featured in solo, group, and juried exhibitions in the US, Europe, and Asia. She is also the recipient of  the KLPA 2023 Portrait Prize and a 2023 LensCulture Portrait Award Finalist.