After graduating from ArtCenter College of Design, I eventually found my way to New York City where I was an editorial fashion and portrait photographer. However, my personal passion was street photography. I always had my Leica with me whenever I was on the street. With the exception of a few photos, the great majority of my street work went no further than a contact sheet. In the beginning of 2023, I started going through my personal work dating back to the 1980’s. There I discovered images that I intended to, but never printed. After those many years, I began printing them.


I have a passion for photographing everyday life from the mundane to the humorous. I love observing how people interact with each other and their surroundings. I look for moments of humanity that happen and then forever disappear.  These visual moments are often amusing, sometimes alarming and occasionally poignant. They are everywhere, happen all the time and exist simultaneously. I have been lucky enough to capture some of those moments.