Erica Reade is a freelance photographer, based in Brooklyn NY. Her first book Beach Lovers was released in summer 2022, published by Daylight Books. She is originally from Montreal Canada, and she has been living and working in NYC for over 17 years. Reade holds an MA in International Affairs from New School University, with a background in photography for social change. She spends as much time at the beach as possible, and her personal work is a reflection of that.
Beach Lovers is a series of intimate moments shared by couples at the beaches of  NYC. These moments hold intimate gestures of couples; some tender, rubbing sunscreen on a partner’s back; others lustful, a deep kiss in the water. Being amongst the waves and sand emboldens couples to enjoy more affectionate freedom, their inhibitions less hidden than anywhere else observed in the city. Beach Lovers is about the public display of intimacy between couples from diverse backgrounds, a claiming of public space for private tenderness.