Linda Plaisted is an award-winning American multi-disciplinary artist whose exploratory practices include photography, collage, painting and encaustic. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. 2023 was a year of creative renaissance- coming back to showing her work again in her 50’s, she is a 2023 Julia Margaret Cameron Award winner and a 2023 Photolucida Critical Mass Top 200 Finalist. As a pioneer in contemporary photomontage, each piece of artwork she creates tells a story by pushing beyond the boundaries of medium into myth, using traditions of collection, synthesis and cultural interpretation. Approaching her work as both artist and historian, she employs her unique visionary practices to reveal the untold stories of women and Mother Earth; an effort to heal ancestral wounds and seek equilibrium in a chaotic world. Layering her original photography and paintings with found images, ancestral documents and gathered ephemera, she creates photographic mixed media pieces with translucent veils of narrative; layers of time and memory bleeding through one another, seeking a deeper truth.


Statement: While reworking images of my daughter that I shot pre-pandemic as she was transitioning from elementary school to middle school, it struck me that she and her generation were profoundly wounded by the isolation and disconnection of the pandemic years and how this arrested development will affect them (and all of us) in the future. Not only did she lose most of her friends during the period of isolation, but my daughter is a twin whose sister died at birth, so the impact for her is compounded and magnified;  a colossus of loss. These images capture a hauntingly prescient glimpse of our collective grief and the human longing for belonging.

Many Muses Studio