I haven’t been so excited about a medium since I learned to develop black & white film in art school in the early 80’s. The process of watching unseen faces, details and figures materialize before my eyes was pure magic. I felt the same way when digital photography came out and I could experiment with hundreds of frames at once. The excitement of using AI for me is about pictorial plasticity, the ability to combine elements from multiple photographs and to render images though repetitive generations. I’m trying to imitate my own work to discover something previously unknown to me. Some images might look more like paintings than photography and I resist the look of sharp hyperrealism in favor of low resolution, grainy or malformed gestures. I’m not trying to imitate reality, mimic photography or create deception so I keep obvious evidence of the AI process in the images. I was previously opposed to AI until working on old school cut and paste collages, frustrated with the limitations I had to reconsider. I use the London based platform Exactly.AI which is unique in that it allows artists to train only on their own work and therefore keep the copyright. I have complete authorship over a conceptually challenging tool which requires practice and resistance to make 300-400 generations with nuance and precision. I merge my still life work, self-portraits and street photography to make something from my unconscious mind. That’s the excitement for me. I prefer to work with symbols and metaphors when accurate representations of reality are too traumatic. Urban Noir Horror is based on my street photography in Chinatown and the Gowanus Canal and embraces the premonitions of horror in the true spirit of Film Noir. This project is a departure from my previous photographic work and 17 self-published books which have been the recipient ofs numerous international photography awards, exhibitions and honors. My AI project titled at Atlantis will be projected during Paris Photo week at the 24 B Gallery as a gold winner in the 2023 PX3 Paris exhibition and recent AI projects has been exhibited at PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Guelman & Unbekannt Gallery in Berlin.

Nancy Oliveri is a NYC based American fine artist & photographer born in Providence Rhode Island 1958.
She studied film and photography at Hartford Art School in the early 80’s and her decades long art practice has included ceramic sculpture, oil painting, experimental film, conceptual art, street and still life photography. Her approach to image making is influenced by Surrealism, Italian Neorealism, Film Noir and her extensive psychoanalytic training. She is retired psychotherapist, a grandmother and the recipient of numerous international awards, exhibitions and honors including the Julia Margaret Cameron and Pollux Awards at Fotonostrum Gallery, The Tokyo International Foto Award, the Urban Photo Awards in Trieste, Women Street Photographers in NYC, Soho Photo Gallery and The Museum of the City of New York among others.
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