Roman Keith Coia, A photographic artist from Southeastern Pennsylvania has been in love with the black and white portrait for over 25 years. Roman creates beautiful yet straightforward portraits of friends, family, and other interesting subjects all of whom form the basis of his work. These portraits are conversations frozen in time with a strong understanding of composition. This approach draws the viewer into a direct relationship with the subject matter, each of who are each perfectly balanced with in his or her environment.

Roman resides in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and is base out of the historic borough of West Chester, PA.

His work can be found at or Instagram @romancoia.portraits and @romancoia



– Aside from the visual likeness of twins, there is very often an ethereal or unconscious connection between them, whether it be finishing each others sentences or tapping into each others feelings, as well as lifelong support for each other. In this image, Twin in the Alley, I feel I captured not only their physical connection and like-ness through the lens, but also this ethereal energy that connects them spiritually.

I’ve always been drawn to the energy of people, the connection between camera and subject. I’m fascinated by the facades they adopt to hide an inner self. In my photographic process, I’m concentrating on discovering and ultimately interacting with the rawness of human beings. I’ve often found people to be complex and so I set my photographic foundation on simplicity and finding elements that are relatable. Consequently, in this work, I find a mirror to my own vulnerability, to my own facade. I discover myself

My primary goal when making black and white portraiture is to share my interpretation of a subject’s interior being, their inner beauty and vulnerability. In addition, I’m looking to expose a certain kind of tension between this interior world and how it relates to their conscious exterior facade.

I try to make a genuine and intimate connection with this tension, because I believe this is where the honesty of a person will reside. And in the end, I’m careful to include or exclude certain elements of their environment to illustrate harmony and balance within the universe.

Ultimately, my photographic process is similar to working out a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces need to fit together to form an engaging photograph.