Susan J. Preston is a lifelong photographer and freelance designer whose web-focused career began when the internet was still considered “new media”. Captivated by the enchanting light of the high desert of New Mexico and a wish to pay deeper attention to her photography practice, she left her hometown of Washington, DC in 2010, eventually stumbling into  an ongoing love affair photographing Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. With a continued focus on environmental grief, wonder, and kinship with the more than human world, she is investigating ways to collaborate, lead, inspire, and serve others during this decisive decade for humanity and a wounded planet. She is the recipient of a 2022 Gold Award in the nature book category in the Tokyo International Foto Awards.


Susan J. Preston photographs birds and other wildlife in the high desert of north and central New Mexico. She is the author and designer of the award-winning book, BOSQUE, Winter Wings – an offering of gratitude for the magical landscape and tens of thousands of migratory birds who winter over in Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.

The gregarious and raucous sandhill cranes, whose ancient cries have echoed across the Rio Grande flyway for countless millennia, have inspired her ongoing series of wildlife images – a source of wonder in the midst of rapid change and collective grief and loss. May the splendor of these ancient creatures and the fragile habitats they rely on resonate with the beauty contained in every heart. @susanprestonstudio |