Anderson Scott


Anderson Scott’s latest series combines light through the use of light boxes with the printed image. Please see video below.




Civil War Re-enactors

From Whistling Dixie, published by Columbia Press, 2013

“. . . The reenactors I encountered on the battlefield were a genial lot, at least to me, a white guy with the right accent who at least superficially fit in. They were at pains to portray the reenactment to me as ‘living history.’ There was no mention by them of what African- Americans might think of this spectacle (nor did I ask about it I was chicken). However, the reenactors were quick to correct my terminology: it is not the ‘Civil War,’ it is ‘The War Between the States.’ It seems that ‘Civil War’ implies that the South revolted against its government. ‘War Between the States’ implies that the South was a collection of sovereign states that organized in defense against Yankee unjustified meddling. So begins Whistling Dixie, Anderson Scott’s portrait of latter-day Confederates taken at Civil War reenactments across the southern United States. Scott has photographed in the years leading up to 2011’s sesquicentennial of the Civil War, with a keen eye for the earnestness and dedication of the reenactors, and a strikingly acute awareness of the irony and absurdity of the events.” -Anderson Scott



Davidson College, Davidson, NC BA in English Literature
Yale University, New Haven, CT MFA in Photography


The Baltimore Museum of Art

The Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL

The Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

The Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University, Durham, NC

The Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC

The High Museum, Atlanta, GA

The International Center for Photography, New York, NY

The National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

Jane Jackson Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Jones Troyer Fitzpatrick, Washington, DC

The Light Factory, Charlotte, NC

The National Museum of American History, The Smithsonian, Washington, DC

The University of California – San Francisco, CA


Publication in DoubleTake and The Oxford American magazine.

South x Southeast photomagazine January 2013

Book, Whistling Dixie, published by Columbia College Chicago Press February 2013.

Marvin Greenbaum | The Swamp #33 | $350, unframed $250

Marvin Greenbaum has been making photographs for the past 50 years.
Starting with a Kodak Brownie and later processing his images in a darkroom in his parent’s basement, he now has the advantage of shooting with a better camera and using advanced processing programs to create final images that reflect his varied interests.
In addition to splitting his time between Philadelphia and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, he chooses photography as a means of experiencing, capturing, and sharing memories of travels near and far.
His earlier underwater photographs were displayed in the American Museum of Natural History and the World Trade Center in New York City.
More recently, his works have appeared in galleries in Philadelphia and Cape Cod.
Ongoing projects have included a 10-year documentation of the String Bands in the annual Philadelphia Mummers New Year’s Day Parade and Carnevale in Venice, Italy.
His most recent portfolio is derived from visits to the Cypress Swamps of the Southern Bayou, represented by his image in this exhibition.
Further work can be seen on his website: and on Instagram … @greenbaummarvin and @mummersphotos