BK Skaggs | Reading in Lucca | $295, unframed $195

Home for BK Skaggs, along with his three dogs, is in Chandler, Arizona, to which he returned to in 1994. His photographic pieces have been shown locally at Shemer Gallery, Mesa Arts Center, Eleven East Ashland, Bokeh Gallery, and at Art Intersection in Gilbert, including a three-person show. Also, around the country including, Lubbock Fine Arts Center, Photo Central, Savannah College of Art and Design, Rounce and Coffin Club at Occidental College, RayKo Photo Center, MPLS Photo Center, and A. Smith Gallery. He was also staff photographer for Oasis Wildlife Rescue and Rehab in the late ’90’s. His work is part of public collections at Shemer and Mesa Arts Center.

Matt Hojnacki | Katherine and Mary Jane | $250

The original image is from a 2 1/4 film negative take with a Hasselblad.

The negative was scanned and then printed with an Epson 3880 on cotton fiber paper.

The image was printed using Ink Jet Mall’s Piezography system.

There are six shades of Black and Grey inks used in making the image.

This creates a high resolution image with a wonderful range of tones.


The photograph is dry mounted to 11×14 acid free mat board.

Teri Darnell | Cabaret of the Nameless | $250

Teri Darnell’s Berlin ‘Cabaret of the Nameless’ series is influenced by the works of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Georges de La Tour.

La Tour, a French painter of the 17th century, composed startling geometric simplifications of the human form, and created theatrical interior scenes lit only by the glare of candles. Like these painters, her images focus on dramatic situations and subjects, and a high contrast of light and dark (chiaroscuro).

One hundred years ago, cabarets began to flourish in Berlin, and performances included political satires. In the 1920’s, Nazi power repressed this intellectual criticism. Performers were imprisoned and murdered in concentration camps. While in the camps, the artists continued having cabarets to lift everyone’s spirits until they were executed.

Paul Kessel | Youth | $550

I began photography at a rather advanced age and I have been engage with it practically full time ever since I started in 2007. Currently, I only do candid street photography but for the first 5 years, I ws involved with portraits including self-portraits. I have been in about 50 group shows and I have had 3 solo exhibitions. Along the way, I have won a few awards. I am thankful the photography has enhanced my life.


Dale Niles | The Bear Went Over the Mountain | $700

Archival Pigment Print

I am a self taught photographer. I have taken photos for over 40 years, from film to digital, from wet darkroom to the digital darkroom of the computer. Photography is one way that I am able to experience the moment, suspend time and reconnect with myself. I am quite eclectic in the subjects I choose to shoot, anything is fair game. My wish is that my imagery creates an intimate conversation that takes the viewer to a place of quiet contemplation because it is my visual representation of conversation and feelings. My photography creates a legacy of all the sacred and beautiful things that I am privileged to experience in my time here. The fragility of life is a catalyst for me to do what I can to preserve it one frame at a time and in doing so I hope that it says that I too existed.  I was born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised in small North Carolina towns, I currently live in Fayette County, Georgia.



James Maciuszek | Old Stripes | $395, unframed $200

Other sized prints available – Limited edition of 10 maximum, does not depend on size of print.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, then transplanted to Florida’s gulf coast, fine art photographer, Jamie Maciuszek has called Atlanta home for almost 34 years.  He earned degrees at   Michigan State University and University of South Florida, then enjoyed a successful business career before finally surrendering to his creative passion for photography.  His artistic     style is sophisticated and masculine, and his powerful images are easily recognizable.


Mark Zimmerman | You Get A Car… | $350

Mark S. Zimmerman is an American born artist from Louisville, KY, and now residing in Jacksonville, FL. Mark is a visual artist who works primarily in photography, installation, performance, video, and sculpture. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design (BFA 2004) and the University of Florida (MFA 2010). In addition to working independently, Mark is also the founder and director of The Temporary Solution, an art collective built upon making art more participatory and publicly engaging. Mark is an internationally exhibited artist. Most notably, in 2017, Mark has participated in exhibitions at Loosen Art Gallery at Millepiani, Rome, Italy, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Gyeonggido, South Korea, and in the states, at Art Fields, a contemporary art festival in Lake City, SC, among others. In addition to the group shows mentioned above, Zimmerman was invited to have a solo exhibition at 621 Gallery in Tallahassee, FL where he exhibited the work titled, In Memory of a Switchboard Operator.



Kent Meister | Kyler. Centre, AL | $550, unframed $200

Kent Meister is a commercial and editorial portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His early background as an actor deeply inform his approach to portrait photography, making him keenly aware of how the medium can be used to reveal subtle layers of personality and character. Apart from taking on commissioned assignments, Kent is working on several long form personal projects ranging from the world of New York independent theater to a road document focused on portraits of travelers at rest areas along American highways. He is an alumnus of New York City’s School of Visual Arts with a Masters in Digital Photography.