Molly Canfield | Ernie and his Fire Truck | $1000 (sold)

Molly began taking photos at her high school in Atlanta. Her fondness for portraiture continued throughout college at George Washington University and Emory University, where she minored in Fine Arts with a concentration in photography. While receiving her Masters of Arts at the University of Georgia, she mostly photographed chickens for her thesis about backyard chickens. She currently resides in Athens, Georgia with her husband, their 2 year old son (her main photo subject these days), and three cats.

Brent Reaney | Philly Style: Lucky | $600, unframed $400

Brent Reaney has published, exhibited and sold photographic work in North America and internationally. His recent studio portrait project, Philly Style (which the image featured in this exhibition is a part of) was exhibited at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center in 2019. Brent is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Houston and holds a Certificate in Contemporary Practices from the PPAC.

Karey Walker | White Buffalo with Kudzu | $250, $25 unframed

My photography is inspired by unique locations, animals, people, and a variety of situations that are often overlooked. Beauty usually goes unnoticed and unappreciated, yet it reflects aspects of our humanity that is memorable to capture with a camera.  I strive to capture moments of beauty and magic. Whether photographing people or landscapes, the same approach applies. I am placing myself at the moment, being patient, and having faith that something magical will unfold.

A sense of reverence has fueled my photography for the natural world and its remarkable beauty. I resonate toward images that depict a peaceful coexistence between humans and nature. These quiet moments with my camera brings me back to my childhood: exploring, be curious, dreaming, seeing, and breathing in the beauty that surrounds me.

In the evolution of my photography, I am humbled by trying new techniques in analog and digital photography. I’ve learned that creativity requires a perennial sense of playfulness, finding that childlike fascination for the magic contained within each opportunity in life.
~Karey Walter


Leslie Tabony | A Southern Girl In Stained Glass | $300, unframed $45

i adore things of beauty and grace.


i began photography during a Watchfulness practice about 10 years ago.  Soulfulness inside photography seems to pull at my heart constantly.  i am mostly interested in doing portraits of women or images that evoke vulnerability, spirituality, sensuality, reverence and quietude.

i am intrigued with still life of innate objects – antiquity, convents, monasteries, Russian Orthodoxy, opera and poetry – all inspire me.

i live in the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA.   i am a member of of the New Orleans Photo Alliance.


Geraldine Pontius | Portray a Thought | $550, unframed $250

chromogenic print from negative, edition 1/2, archival mat, acrylic and frame

unframed prints (shipped direct by the artist): Artist’s Proof 1/1, archival Mat and sleeve, $250


Capturing the world before her though a camera lens since childhood, Geraldine Pontius prefers street photography to any other genre. Here, in the Paris garden, she saw, across two brows at the same instant, in perfect harmony, the portrait of a thought. Her work can be found at

She now lives in Baltimore, MD and shoots film street photography as often as she can.

David Shively | The Batik Artist | $285

David Shively has been working with photography and video since the late 1960s. His professional career involved produc�on of media-based con�nuing educa�on for engineering, medical, and educa�on professionals. Since buying his first DSLR in 2005, he has become an avid amateur photographer. He has learned from workshops with Na�onal Geographic photographer John Shaw, and with New York-based photo ar�st Jean Miehle. His favorite subject ma�er is interna- �onal cultures and whatever wildlife he can find—at home or abroad.


Peter Michael Miller | Santana (from the series Street Performers) 2019 | $600, unframed $500

Peter is a San Francisco Bay Area artist-photographer. He graduated from the University of Chicago with an MFA in painting and photography.


As a national and international award-winning art director and photographer, he established his marketing communications business, Peter Miller Art & Design, LLC, in 1992 and worked for major imaging companies including Agfa-Gevaert, Polaroid, and Kodak, promoting their international brands.

Peter is dedicated to fine art photography both exhibiting my own work and as a gallerist. He launched Peter Miller Fine Art Photography Gallery in Providence Rhode Island in 2014 to fulfill an unmet need for the photography community. Before moving to California he conceived, founded, recruited a board of directors, and was Chief Evangelist for the Providence Center for Photographic Arts (PCPA). Peter currently lives and works in San Mateo, CA.


Cyndy Waters | Manil, Kenyan Girl, Mathare Valley | $250, unframed $175

1976 Graduate for the Art Institute of Atlanta

Cyndy worked throughout the United States after graduation at jobs such as, Photographer for the State of Tennessee, Official Photographer for the 1982 World’s Fair In Knoxville TN, she operated Paine & Waters Photography in Washington DC, and joined Johnson Klein Productions in Studio City, CA In 1995 Cyndy went in to full time ministry and started the Obit Village Project, Inc. developing projects in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. While still photographing continually, it was only in 2017 that she began to focus seriously on returning to the photograph circles of photography in the US. Motivated by a passion for people, and using her photography to bring awareness to the struggles, gifts and beauty of both children and adults, she enjoys environmental portraiture, travel and documentary photography, much of which reflects her work in Africa.



FB: Cyndy B Waters

Instagram: CyndyBWatersPhotography


Sandra Chen Weinstein | Good Friends | $800, unframed $700

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Sandra Chen Weinstein has lived in Washington DC, Japan, and China while working with American Agency.  She studied ceramic art and exhibited this work in Japan and the US.  She has worked in business while returning to California in the late 90s-2006. In 2006 she started using photography as her medium of art.

Sandra’s work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing social identity, culture, and minorities. Earlier projects include the rich cultural diversity of India.  She has dedicated long-term projects on the lives of women, refugee, minority and the American pop culture.

She has received many national and international awards including 1st prize Kuala Lumpur Photoawards-PortraitsPrize, 1st prize-winner of Portraits 2017;  1st Prize The Robert Cornelius Portrait Award, and winners of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award;  National Geographic Magazine. Featuring on European Photography 101 & 100 MagazineFotoMagzin Germany, Winner in American Photography 33rd & 30th Annual Book Collection and the Archive, New York. Her work is exhibited widely in the U.S. and internationally.