The Winter of Our Discontent | Diane Fenster | $500, unframed $400

Diane Fenster’s art first received notice during the era of early experimentations with digital imaging. Her images appear the APERTURE monograph METAMORPHOSES: PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE ELECTRONIC AGE, WOMEN, ART AND TECHNOLOGY published by MIT press, ART IN THE DIGITAL AGE edited by Bruce Wands, School of Visual Art, NYC.  Recent honors: Silver Award, Tokyo International Foto Awards for HY•ST•ER•IA: Body as Battleground. 12TH Julia Margaret Cameron Awards-Honorable Mentions in the series categories for Fine Art and Digital Manipulation for images from my series HY•ST•ER•IA: Body as Battleground. 2018 Pollux Awards, Finalist in the Fine Art and Digital Manipulation categories for series HY•ST•ER•IA: Body as Battleground. Her work was exhibited in the 4th Biennale of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Berlin, she received Honorable Mentions in the 9th Pollux Awards, 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and the Moscow Photo Awards, included in the Alternative Process exhibit juried by Christopher James at  the Texas Photo Society and published in the DIFFUSION ANNUAL 2016. Diane Fenster and the Wandering Womb (Hysteria series) was recently published in Harvard’s OD REVIEW. Also published in WOTISART Magazine, HEALTH AND HEALING, Femme Fotale Volume VI, and UNDEREXPOSED MAGAZINE. Hysteria images were selected for the National Photography Competition-Developed Work at the Midwest Center for Photography. Her work will appear in the upcoming DIFFUSION X journal. She continues to be included in many exhibits in museums and galleries both in the USA and abroad.

White Shadow | Michael Jorgensen | $250, unframed $100

 Michael is a New York based photographer.  His process is a conscious journey of discovery.  He sets out with an idea in mind knowing that the original idea may be eclipsed by a discovery which will itself and capture his attention.  As a photographer, he wants his presence to be unobtrusive offering his viewer a glimpse of the undisturbed layers of history.

Vapor Trail | Michael Kirchoff | $750, unframed $600

Michael has spent his years capturing the still image of people, cultures, and landscapes from around the world, to around the block, with a very unique and distinctive style. A native Californian, Michael resides in Los Angeles, though equally at home trudging through Redwood forests, riding the rails deep into Siberia, or navigating the chaotic streets of Tokyo. He photographs with many types of cameras and film, from a clunky toy camera to the latest digital model, using each as a tool for a specific use. Michael’s fine art imagery has garnered recognition from the International Photography Awards, the Prix de la Photographie in Paris, Photographers Forum, and Critical Mass. His work has been published in Harper’s, Black & White (U.S.), Black & White (U.K.), Esquire, New Statesman, Adore Noir, Fraction, SHOTS, Diffusion Annual, and Lenscratch, among others. He also continues to exhibit his prints domestically and internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, including work in the public collection of the Wende Museum in Los Angeles, CA. Michael was also an active Board Member for the L.A. chapter of the American Photographic Artists (APA/LA) from 2006-2016, and was Editor at Blur Magazine from 2014 – 2018. Currently, he is also Editor in Chief at Analog Forever Magazine and Founding Editor at Catalyst: Interviews.

Graceful | Leslie Jean Bart | $900


Born in Haiti where he acquired his love for the ocean, Leslie Jean-Bart now lives in New York City.

He works predominantly in the medium of photography. After earning a master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University, Jean-Bart embarked on a photography career that resulted in the creation of images that have garnered awards and recognition.

Earlier days found Jean-Bart on staff at Sotheby’s and Christies where he was surrounded daily by the world’s greatest art.

Jean-Bart began exhibiting in 2001, when a number of his collages were part of the exhibit “Committed To The Image: Contemporary Black Photographers” at the Brooklyn Museum.  From 2001-2003 he took part in a number of group exhibits at Monique Goldstrom Gallery in SoHo, NYC. During the last several years Jean-Bart put his career, but not his art on hold. Committed to the care of his mother who has dementia, Jean-Bart became her daily guardian. (His mother passed away in February of 2019). During one of the most trying period of taking care of his mother, Jean-Bart started “Reality & Imagination”, his ongoing series of ten years.

In 2011 Jean-Bart finally received round the clock assistance care for his mother and began again pursuing exhibiting his work. Since then he has taken part in several group exhibitions in the United states and had received a number of honors. He also had three solo exhibitions since then: one at Xavier University in New Orleans, one at the virtual gallery of the Griffin Museum of Photography, and the most recent one at the Kenkeleba Gallery in NYC. 

Caddo Lake | David Reinfeld | $1200, unframed $900

David Reinfeld picked up a camera as a teenager; it was the ’60-s in New York City. He was a street photographer, taking pictures and protesting. In the early ’70-s, as a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design, David had the great privilege of studying with his heroes from the history of photography. Their classes were his introduction to the world of art, and their teachings remain a fundamental part of the way he sees. Under their influence, he became an abstract artist. He photographed graffiti and decayed walls anywhere he could find them, including ten years in the Utah canyons. His world changed in 2011, discovering composite photography; making a photograph was no longer tied to snapping the shutter button.  Today David is more of a hybrid artist, making images wherever he goes, and following whatever feels important.”


Breathe | Sean Estep | $150, unframed $90

Sean Estep is a long-time special education teacher currently working with high school students who have emotional and behavioral difficulties. He coaches the girls varsity soccer team at his school as well. Sean is also an outdoor enthusiast who has participated in multiple mountaineering and backpacking expeditions in support of a non-profit wilderness mentoring organization called Big City Mountaineers. Sean enjoys spending time in nature whenever possible, and much of his photography has this as it’s central focus.


Casper | Karey Walter | $275, unframed $175

“Unique locations, animals, people, and a variety of situations that are often overlooked inspire my photography. Beauty usually goes unnoticed and unappreciated, yet it reflects aspects of our humanity that are memorable to capture with a camera. I strive to capture moments of beauty and magic. Whether photographing people or landscapes, the same approach applies. I am placing myself at the moment, being patient, and having faith that something magical will unfold. A sense of reverence has fueled my photography for the natural world and its remarkable beauty. I resonate toward images that depict a peaceful coexistence between humans and nature. These quiet moments with my camera bring me back to my childhood: exploring, be curious, dreaming, seeing, and breathing in the beauty that surrounds me. In the evolution of my photography, trying new techniques in analog and digital photography humbles me. I’ve learned that creativity requires a perennial sense of playfulness, finding that childlike fascination for the magic contained within each opportunity in life.”

Sweet Dream, From Refuge in America | Sandra Chen Weinstein | $800

Sandra is self-taught and inspired by Sebastião Salgado and Magnum Photospheres. Sandra’s work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing human condition in social identity, culture, and minorities.  She has dedicated long-term projects on women, minorities, and American pop culture.  Sandra has lived and worked in Washington DC, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Canada while working with American Agency.  While living in Japan, She taught Mandarin in College and studied ceramic art and exhibited this work in Japan and the US.  Upon returning to Southern California in late ‘90s, she worked in technology and finance before she found passion using photography as her medium of art. In 2007-2008, she worked for master photographer of Magnum Photos Eli Reed, as personal assistant.


Sandra’s portfolio, “SHE / They”, was specially featured at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

Sandra has received numerous distinguished awards including: National Geographic Magazine International contest winner for People & Reader’s Collection, 1st Prize (Open Category) Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards, 1st Prize Winner of Robert Cornelius Portrait Award, Runner-Up for International Conservation Award in Culture and many distinguish awards.

Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including the countries of Japan, New Zealand, Australia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and United Kingdom.


Motherhood | Karen Osdieck | $395, unframed $95

Karen Osdieck is an accountant by trade and a visual artist by passion from a small suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois.  At a young age, Karen was introduced to the medium of photography by her father and she learned very early the importance of documenting family.  Karen aimed to transfigure the everyday into something noteworthy.


As an artist, Karen uses photography to come to terms with the chaotic-ness of motherhood and simultaneously to normalize the unglamorous side of suburban childhood.  Inherited from her dad, Karen takes the approach that all facets of life are equally worthy of documenting and not just “the perfect ones” and  aims to transfigure the everyday into something noteworthy.


Her focus is the narrative of her children growing up in the thick of suburbia navigating the complexities of early adolescence.  Karen’s work is influenced by the proverbial saying, “truth is stranger than fiction,” which leads her to document unapologetically.  Karen believes in encouraging her boys to play, explore, be kind and true to themselves.