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Judy Brown follows her career as Professor of Physics at Wellesley College and Research  Scientist at the MIT Media Lab with a combination of her long-time passions for animals and  photography.  She loves spending time with animals, photographing them and getting to know their individual behavioral  quirks.  Her “Elliott” portfolio of a spirited pony in his stall has been given a number of solo shows including two in Griffin Museum of Photography satellite galleries and an  MIT Architecture Department Tele-exhibit.

Images from her book “Weatherbury Farm” were in a two person show at the Griffin Museum satellite  gallery, SOWA, Boston in the spring of 2017.   Her photographs have been selected for over two

dozen juried exhibitions including recently Texas Photographic Society 29: The International Competition, a traveling exhibition, the 26th Annual Juried Members’ Exhibition, Griffin Museum of Photography, and the 6th Annual Goup Show (Online),  Davis Orten Gallery.    Her recent book “Weatherbury Farm” is included in the Davis Orten Gallery’s 11th Annual Self-Published Photobook Exhibition and received an honorable mention by Elizabeth Avedon in her list of Best Photography Books of 2020: Round-up Part II.

She is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and a 2019 Critical Mass 200 Finalist.

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