©Lynne Buchanan

Lynne has been photographing water issues and climate change in Florida, across the country and around the world since 2011.  She has worked with Waterkeepers, water advocates, scientists, and indigenous people in learning about issues affecting water and the riparian zone.  In 2019, George F. Thompson published her book entitled Florida’s Changing Water: A Beautiful World in Peril,  Since moving to Western North Carolina a year ago, Lynne has been photographing mountain ecosystems and has become interested in studying the effects of climate change and acid rain on the environment, as well as how fungi, trees, and plants help to ameliorate the effects of climate change.  With the onset of the pandemic and the ensuing period of mass isolation, she has been photographing her mountain ridge and nearby areas in a more emotional versus documentary manner, although she has continued her climate change work.  She prints archival digital images  in black and white and color, platinum palladium prints from digital negatives, and also makes hand-painted encaustic photographs.



Equipment: Nikon D700, 70-300mm lens at 185. Manual exposure.