In August 2019 Betty Press returned to Nairobi, Kenya to work on personal projects dealing with urban culture and social injustice. This was cut short when she was evacuated back to Mississippi in April due to the pandemic. She had just finished several projects, one which was called Services Offered which featured small businesses in some of the poorer neighborhoods of Nairobi, Kenya. They are such an important part of its economy. She writes: “I loved how they used art to advertise their services to brighten up the local surroundings. I am building on that project by featuring small businesses in Mississippi and how they advertise their services.” Due to the pandemic this support of local businesses is even more critical. Later she plans to pair local Kenyan businesses with those from Mississippi. The Support Local movement is a universal concern.


Betty Press is a documentary photographer well known for her work in many African countries, and Mississippi, where she now lives. All her projects aim to reflect signs of hope, a testament to the human spirit and the universal desire to be creative.


Betty Press, Photographer
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