Chuck first became interested in photography around 8 years old but did not seriously consider it a form of expression until high school at age 16. He was attempting to be a realistic painter but was never satisfied with what he was ding. The idea of photography being a way to make art seemed logical. After high school Chuck discovered Herb Ritts and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Chuck spent several years in and out of rock bands where he would also photograph musicians and the fans/groupies while attending college at Middle Tennessee State University.

After graduation, Chuck began working as a commercial photographer for the advertising department of the Kansas City Star newspaper.  Chuck was asked to start leading workshops and teach at various professional photographic trade shows and schools. In 2007, he began teaching college at O’More college of design and in 2013 Chuck became a professor of photography at Middle Tennessee State University, where he continues to teach currently.


Chuck, professionally photographs musicians and fashion in the Nashville area having clients from Country Stars, Little Big town to rock icons Skid Row.

Chuck graduated in July of 2020 Watkins College of art at Belmont University in Nashville with a MFA in visual arts.