Steve Carlisle became a photojournalist in 1972, working for the St. Petersburg Times in Florida. He documents the Deep South making visual records of people & places of days gone by. His art education includes studying fine art photography & printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute and GraphicStudio (USF-Tampa), where he was an adjunct professor and research fellow. Aaron Siskind became a mentor, while Carlisle studied with him at SFAI, inspiring an ongoing series of black and white abstracts.

His work has been shown at many galleries & museums across America, including the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, where his photography is in the permanent collection. Carlisle is a master printmaker and his studio, Thunderbird Editions, has welcomed many noted artists, such as Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Lesley Dill, Baron Wolman, Judy Chicago and John Waters.


Currently I use a Nikon D850, often with a Nikkor 28-300mm F/3.5-5.6 G ED IF Aspherical AF-S VR zoom lens. I also shoot florals with a 105mm Micro-Nikkor Macro Lens 2.8 VR.