I began photography late in life when I wondered into The International Center of Photography in New York City in 2008. I stayed for nine years taking what may be a record number of classes, perhaps more then fifty. Additionally, I took numerous workshops elsewhere and studied privately with several photographers.


Previously I had a career in clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, and university teaching.  I always had a camera and now and then over the years would take a few pictures but I knew nothing about photography or camera operation.


At some point I became interested and immersed in street photography and that is how I have been spending my time for at least six years. I began by asking permission to photograph people, moved into candid portraits, and now, candid street scenes. I use only a full frame 35mm lens.


I began entering contests and I have been in about twenty group exhibitions as well as having three solo shows. I won a national competition and juror’s choice in an international competition. My work was featured in Popular Photography a year before the demise of the magazine. I don’t think there is a connection between the two events.


My website is www.paulkessel.com


Equipment used was a Sony A9

The photo was taken with an ISO of 2000, shutter speed at 1/5 of a second (hand-held) with an aperture of 2.8. The lens is a Zeiss (for Sony) 35mm, 2.8.