With an underlying passion for art history, I believe aesthetics and message must go hand in hand for art to be impactful.  The balance between these two elements may vary, but both are essential.  In formulating work, I strive to achieve this balance by appealing to a sense of shared humanity for what makes us human is not just our ability to reason but also our capacity to be touched.

I have a Masters in Modern Art, History of the Art Market and Connoisseurship from Christie’s, studied post-graduate multi-cultural art history at Columbia University and photography at ICP in NY.  I also have a BS from Georgetown University and an MBA from St. John’s University.

My work has received numerous awards and been featured in many galleries and venues in the U.S. and abroad including the Griffin Museum, FDR Memorial (NYC), Foley Gallery, Baldwin Photographic Gallery, A. Smith Gallery, Davis Orton Gallery,  PhotoPlace Gallery, Texas Photographic Society, LA Center of Photography, Dallas Center for Photography, Center, Review Santa Fe 100, Critical Mass Finalist, Center for Photographic Art, Int’l Photography Awards, Budapest Int’l Foto Awards, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Pollux Awards, Gallery Valid Foto (Spain), the Berlin Foto Biennale, SE Center for Photography, South x Southeast, Mt.Rokko Int’l Photo Festival (Japan), C4FAP. My photography has also been written up in Feature Shoot Magazine and was recently featured in the inaugural issue of FotoNostrum Magazine.