I’ve often wondered what it might be like to experience the frozen moments in my family photographs and be connected.  I want to understand my self better and my DNA so I can experience where I have come from and how these people have influenced my being.
The goal with Visitor is to reinterpret my intimate family snapshots, explore time, history, meet and understand family while blurring boundaries.  I’m trying to understand my ancestry and in particular my mother and why she is who she is.  To understand how I have been put together and created over generations and time through family to become who I am. I created a look driven by the era of each original photograph, pulling a wardrobe I’ve collected over the years and inherited from my grandmother, who was a seamstress.  By making a composite I’ve placed myself into each world I want to revisit. I want to understand my family stories and memories through my research of each image and the feeling of setting myself back in the moment as I wait for the timer to snap the shot.
In my efforts to be authentic to the original photograph, I have matched the format of the original image:  some soft grain and blown out whites help match the old, authentic vintage feeling of each snap shot. Each image is printed in the original size and placed on a black photo album page similar to how the images were found with white ink and handwritten text to guild the viewer through the album.
Framed work is shown in a shadow box 14”x14” in edition of 10 with the image floating on black archival mat board and handwritten white ink. Attached to each frame is a magnifying glass so the viewer can take a closer look.



Bootsy Holler is based in Los Angeles but spent most of her life in Washington State.  Her art revolves around family, emotions, memory, nature, and giving feelings to the inanimate.  Holler’s images have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and publications around the world. Her seminal work from the Seattle music scene is in the permanent collection of the Grammy Museum.  In 2020 she was invited to exhibit at the Shanghai International Photo Festival and Fotofever in Paris. In 2019 she published her second monograph TREASURES: objects I’ve known all my life and is currently working on a new book.

Film Camera of choice: twin lens Rolleiflex with fuji film

Digital cameras:  Canon 5D Mark II with a 24mm, Sony a7, Medium format: Fuji GFX 50r, 23mm