I am a humanitarian and fine art photographer. My images give voice to people and marginalized communities around the world.  My work shows quiet moments of life, love and loss. Capturing elusive moments of grace and beauty that exist in the most difficult times, emotional connections not seen by many. I celebrate each individual’s strength and beauty, as well as vulnerability and spirit, going beyond how one presents oneself to the world.


I believe a photograph can create a lasting impression of emotion, curiosity, love and ultimately, hope of mankind. It can help people heal, give them dignity and feel empowered.


My mind, my eyes, and my heart have been opened by my experiences. My life has been forever changed. I hope my work inspires others to feel we all matter and to care more profoundly. Engaging in the world and becoming open to different cultures and traditions allows for more conversation on diversity and equality. Photographs hold the power to connect people and create understanding. This is why I do what I do.