Bio:  I have grown up loving photography, but only in my senior years have I forged ahead with developing skills in that area.  By merging my loves of travel, curiosity and saving the moments have I begun to evolve as a photographer.  I am a speech therapist by training.  This career provided many opportunities, including an impulse purchase of my first digital camera while in  Colorado on a work assignment that happened to coincide with the Elk roaming throughout that town.  I just had to capture that scene.  That impulse purchase began my journey of truly learning the art and science of photography.  Today, I love to find the unusual in common places and then share it through photography.  I want my photographs to evoke something in the viewer – whether it be comedy, recall of another time, sense of beauty, or some other connection.  If one of  my photographs causes someone to pause for a moment and reflect on something, it did its job and that makes me smile.