The image “Champ and Luca” could have been titled “Buddies” or “Best Friends”. Luca came to Georgia from Italy to visit his family and fell in love with his uncle’s pit named Champ. Luca had never had a dog and the two quickly bonded. Champ always kept a watchful eye out for his friend even when asleep.


Ginger Goekjian is an untrained photographer who took her first photos at the age of 55 at the encouragement of her husband, Karekin, himself a photographer. She was born in 1954 in South Carolina and worked for over thirty years in science at the University of Georgia to help support the family. When Karekin put a camera in her hands he opened a whole new world for Ginger, one that she continues to explore with curiosity, love and delight. She and Karekin currently live on Sapelo Island, Georgia.