What I enjoy most about photography is traveling with my camera, meeting new people, and actually seeing and experiencing places in the world that one may only have read about. I believe that, at our core, we are all very much the same, no matter where we come from or where we live. I attempt to represent this with my photography.


Kevin Bernard Jones was born and raised in the South Central Los Angeles, California community. Introduced to photography at a young age, he was allowed to use the family Polaroid camera on Sunday family trips to the Los Angeles County Museum. These early experiences set the seed for his life-long passion for photography.

Primarily self-taught, he focuses his camera on the communities and places in the world that are less traveled. Kevin’s travels and photographic interests include Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the southern region of the United States. He reaches out to connect to people, and to capture images that include those of the African Diaspora, which he is a part of.

Kevin finds great personal satisfaction working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support local community initiatives. He has worked with organizations in Haiti, La República Dominicana, and the United States. He uses photography as a tool to help organizations tell and share stories about the people they support and empower.