Self-Portrait on a Life Raft, No18 is from an AI generated series trained exclusively on my photographic archives and a limited data set, is the equivalent of a using visual dictionary as opposed to the Dostoevsky analogy of open source.This allows me to keep the copyrights for sales and exhibitions.The image selected for this exhibition is generated from a self-portrait on a raft at night, photographs of the narrow Chinatown streets and landscapes of the infamous  Gowanus Canal. The series is a pictorial narrative self-portrait and a metaphorical autobiography. It’s an ongoing psychological journey through an urban underworld of psychological and environmental devastation and resilience.
Nancy Oliveri is an American fine art photographer born in 1958 in Providence.RI. She studied conceptual art and film photography at Hartford Art School int he early 80’s and has lived and worked in NYC since. Oliveri  has worked with film, digital over the decades recently embraced AI generated photography.She is the recipient of numerous international awards and exhibitions and was awarded a 2024 solo exhibition of her  Life Raft series at PH21 Gallery in Budapest.